• The Benefits of Choosing Organic Soap

    We spend a lot of time thinking about ways to keep ourselves healthy and away from harmful chemicals. We filter our water and our air. We read food labels and ask about sourcing. However, while we look for ways to minimize our exposure to toxins that go into our bodies, we frequently forget to consider what goes on our bodies. Body care products can be a source of a heavy toxic load. On the other hand, organic soap and other body care products provide nourishment and protection for our skin.

    Natural Ingredients

    Most readily available soaps are made with questionable chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. One of the wisest choices you can make for your health (and the planet!) is to treat skincare products like you would food: always read the label. If the ingredients in your soap aren’t things you’ve heard of before, it’s worth doing your research and finding out where they actually come from. Making the switch to organic soap is a great way to ensure that the products you use on your skin are helping you thrive.

    Better for Your Skin

    It’s easy to forget that our skin is our largest organ. In fact, it functions as our first line of defense against disease and harmful chemicals. Synthetic chemical ingredients found in commercial soaps, like parabens, sulfates, and manufactured fragrances, are irritating and drying. It is not unusual for them to cause negative reactions. The longer and more frequent the exposure to an irritant, the more likely it will become a problem. Switching to organic soap, which is typically free of harsh chemicals and contains many natural moisturizers, can soothe your skin and reduce or prevent problems with dryness and irritation.

    Better for the Environment

    Organic soaps use cruelty-free ingredients, meaning they were not tested on animals. Also, the ingredients are grown without pesticides or herbicides, which add toxins to the soil, air, and water supply. Due to its natural ingredients, organic soap is far more biodegradable and won’t leave traces of synthetic chemicals behind- not on your skin, not in your home, and not in the water you use to rinse it away.

    At Somewhat Organic Soap Co, we purchase our sunflower and safflower oils from certified organic growers in the USA. These farmers are dedicated to sustainability in accordance with USDA Organic standards. We only purchase our certified palm oil from South American farms with high levels of sustainability. We make a point to not purchase any palm oil out of Southeast Asia or Indonesia where palm plantations have been expanded too rapidly, at the expense of the environment.

    Choosing to purchase and use organic soap and other body products is not only the wise choice for your skin. It is also the responsible, mindful choice for the earth. If you would like to learn about the soapmaking process we use at Somewhat Organic, you can read more here.

  • Patchouli Benefits -- It's not just for Hippies!

    You may have associated the patchouli fragrance with the 1960's, free love, hippies and "Deadheads", but surprisingly it's known for much, much more! Patchouli essential oil has a rich, earthy, woody aroma with a nearly hidden fruity note. In fragrance applications it is used as a base that acts as a fixative and "grounds" an aromatic blend.

    There are many health benefits to utilizing products made with the essential oil of the patchouli leaf--which is also known by the botanical name Pogostemon cablin. In fact, it is now one of the most popular ingredients in hygiene and beauty products such as lotions, soaps, shampoos, bath and massage oils, and perfumes. Surprised? 

    Take a look at a few of the benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil:

    • Aids in Reducing Stress and Fatigue
    • Soothes Inflammation
    • Protects Wounds from Infection
    • Boosts Energy & Immune System
    • Eliminates Body Odor
    • Removes Toxins from Body
    • Reduces Body Temperature
    • Inhibits Fungal Growth
    • Helps with Acne, Eczema Dermatitis & Psoriasis 
    • Works as a great bug repellant!

    Even though we don't sell the pure essential oil, we use it in all of our patchouli products. Try our bar soap, foaming hand lotion, and shea butter products here: http://www.somewhatorganic.com/search.php?search_query=patchouli! Some say patchouli is even an aphrodisiac...hmmmmm... that's a good enough reason to try it right there! :)

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    In fact, we'll be at the French Market Wheaton, Illinois this Saturday and French Market Geneva, Illinois this Sunday! Come say HI! 

    Until next week, get your patchouli on! 

  • INDEPENDENCE! And the FREEDOM to be healthy and educated.

    Independence. Freedom. Education. 

    This coming weekend we will celebrate America's independence from Great Britain, and our freedom as Americans. We'll have parties with family and friends. Backyard BBQs, fireworks, hot dogs and hamburgers will be a plenty and we'll dress ourselves and our kids in red, white & blue. We'll proudly fly and wave our flags, and maybe even drink a little too much. 

    When you think of all the freedoms we have as Americans, it can be quite enlightening in comparison to other countries in our world. I know...this isn't anything you don't already know.

    Now, we're not professing to be accurate historians by any means, but just look at some of the freedoms ratified and granted by the  Bill of Rights AFTER the Constitution was signed. We've got freedom of religion, freedom of speech, a free press, and free assembly; the right to keep and bear arms; freedom from unreasonable search and seizure, security in personal effects, and freedom from warrants issued without probable cause; indictment by a grand jury for any capital or "infamous crime"; guarantee of a speedy, public trial with an impartial jury; and prohibition of double jeopardy.

    Is our country perfect? Not by any means. 

    Are our government officials always honest and upworthy citizens? No. 

    Are we healthier than some other nations? Yes. 

    Should we radically guard our freedoms? Yes.

    Should we do whatever we can to defend our country and the liberties that were so bravely fought for? YES!

    This is not meant to be a political tirade, or a debating blog post...and how in the world will I tie this all in to our organic products?!

    Well, among the many privileges we have as Americans is also the freedom to make our own informed decisions about the food, products, media and other matters of opinion that we partake of. THAT is another BIG reason to celebrate.

    The Internet can be a dangerous place. But it can also be a wealth of differing opinions and facts and lies that we need to juggle through. Thankfully, at least for now, our Internet is not censored to only include what our government officials want us to see. 

    So, get educated. 

    Read all you can. 

    Make informed decisions. 

    Pursue health

    Stay safe.

    And if that includes using our organic products, then so be it! That's what we're here for. To educate and provide. So...shop away! 

    And ... Happy Independence Day! 

  • Find our products at The Little Traveler in Geneva, Illinois!


    I imagine it's quite hard to make a decision on an organic, essential oil-scented soap or lotion online, right? I mean you can't SMELL through the Internet...at least not yet!

    Besides catching us every other weekend at the French Markets in Wheaton and Geneva, Illinois, you can now test and purchase our products at The Little Traveler on Third Street in Geneva! We've had our soaps and lotions there for quite a while, but pretty soon you'll have access to everything!

    And by everything, we mean our:

    We've had a great partnership with The Little Traveler and are honored to be featured in this amazing store. We're located in "The Linen Room", so next time you're in the area come on in and give us a smell!

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  • Do you feel GUILTY for pampering yourself?

    So, it's been one of those days. 

    You set your phone alarm for PM instead of AM. The kids didn't get out to the bus in time. Then...you were late to that important meeting at work. That important project deadline was moved up to TOMORROW. And then you got the "call" from your kids' school. Your son fell off the monkey bars and likely needs stitches. What?! Today?!

    I would venture to say we've all experienced a hectic, non-stop, everything-that-could-go-wrong-did-go-wrong day. In some seasons of life, they happen far more frequently than we care to admit.

    So why do we feel guilty for taking care of ourselves? 

    Why don't we take time to relax when we can? 

    Why do we tell ourselves that we CAN'T get that pedicure? Or that massage? Or that new outfit? Or that fancy lotion?

    Mothers, especially, feel like they have to put their own needs on the back burner for their kids...or their spouses...or their friends...or their parents...and...the list goes on and on. Who are "the people" that we allow to put this notion in our minds that it's wrong to put ourselves first every once in a while?

    I don't have the answer, but I will tell you that the benefits to taking care of yourself and--dare I say it?--even PAMPERING yourself FAR outnumber the reasons NOT to.

    Does a bubble bath relax you at the end of the day? Then gosh darn it, take one!

    Does a mani/pedi make you feel more feminine and confident? Then make that appointment!

    Does a massage relieve your stress and actually change your mood? Then do it!

    Do you feel stress relief from the aroma of a brand new soap or lotion and how it makes your skin feel? Then get some of our soaps and lotions! <-- See what we did there? :)

    But seriously, STOP letting the negative "voices" in your head tell you that it's not OK to pamper YOU. 

    You will be a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, employee and neighbor when you take time to refuel. 

    And remember, how you treat yourself is how you are inviting the world to treat you. You set the standard others will follow.

  • Leg Shaving Season and Shea Butter Benefits

    Okay ladies. Guess what season it is? LEG SHAVING SEASON!

    I know, I know. It's a dreaded task most every woman must undergo. And you know that itchy, dry feeling after you shave? Slapping on just any old drugstore lotion isn't going to have the same long-term benefits that ours do. 

    One of the best products for keeping those legs silky smooth and shiny after shaving is our shea butter lotions and body butters. These are also some of our most cost-effective products. 

    Shea butter can be applied to ANY part of the body that needs to be moisturized, plus a little goes a long way.

    It doesn't take much to leave your skin soft and conditioned. Just remember to let the shiny oils absorb into your skin for about 10 minutes.

    Some of the benefits of shea butter are: 

    • Soothing alternative to chemical-based creams.
    • Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F which are some essential vitamins needed for good skin balance.
    • Maintains skin moisture.
    • Promotes skin renewal.
    • Increases circulation which accelerates wound healing.
    • Evens skin tone by keeping it clear and smooth.
    • Absorbs quickly without leaving greasy residue like petroleum, beeswax or mineral oil based products.
    • Penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity, helps smooth out wrinkles and laugh lines.

    Try our shea butter line HERE which includes many varieties of added essential oils and fragrances. No need to dread leg shaving season anymore! 

  • Lavender and Comfrey for Healing and Soothing

    We've all heard some of the benefit claims from essential oils, right? But who do you believe? Where are the reliable sources?

    We want to educate you, but please do your own research and validate what we're saying. Also, know that what works for others may not work for you. It's definitely an adventure worth taking and we're right along side of you!

    We're gonna talk today about lavender and comfrey and their healing and soothing properties. 

    Maybe you have a bit of stress or anxiety..."Psychology Today" notes that lavender can help to relieve anxiety. 

    A study done by Charles Sturt University in Australia noted that lavender can create a feeling of well-being and stress relief. Another study at the University of Miami found that the aromatherapy of lavender actually altered brainwaves! Using a lavender soap could then be an effective calming aid for sleep and anxiety. Sounds like a great option for Moms, Dads AND kids!

    Other studies have shown the lavender essential oil to have strong antibacterial and antiseptic propertise. Soaps made with it are a healing aid for any type of skin infection. Lather the soap and make a thick paste to cover the affected skin. After a bit, rinse the area thoroughly with cool water and pat to dry. It may take a few days of doing this, but persistence and patience will likely pay off and keep your skin free from other medications.

    Comfrey herb plant

    The oil infused herb we typically mix with lavender is called comfrey. Comfrey is widely known as a natural skin cell regenerator, meaning it stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells. I guess you could also call it anti-aging! It's actually been used for centuries as a healing agent to restore skin to a natural balance and glow. 

    In fact, the botanical name for the comfrey is symphytum officinale which means--“to heal.”

    Comfrey oil is commonly used as a skin treatment on its own and as an ingredient in many other products. It is also known to help with inflammation. If you have a facial flare-up, this soap could help calm the inflammation while also helping to soothe and heal.

    All in all, the combination of lavender and comfrey have many rewarding and substantial benefits. With the healing, soothing, anti-inflammatory and somewhat anti-aging properties...where could you go wrong with that?

    Find all of our lavender and comfrey products HERE!

  • New #Organic Products for #HumpDay - Butter Sticks!

    Well hello there Somewhat Organic lovers! 

    Guess what? We've been busy little bees behind the scenes experimenting with and creating new products for YOU! 

    One of our newest inventions is what we like to call our Butter Stick.

    Now lest you think we are venturing into the foodie genre, we're not. Our Butter Stick is ONLY for use on your body, not your toast. (Yeah, we know it's a little corny but Stu insisted...so...)

    Do you have specific areas of your skin that are always dry? What about your elbows in the winter and early spring?

    Our Butter Stick is THE natural solution to these dry skin dilemmas. And...we can boldly and safely say that they are 100% organic with shea butter and our natural fragrances. 

    With the ease of the roll-on container and it's convenient size, you can throw this in your purse for an every day, take-with-you solution!

    Better yet, get one for your overnight bag, one for your purse and another for your bathroom at home. You'll definitely want this product nearby as often as possible. 

    We're also adding some of our best-selling fragrances to the Butter Stick line-up. 

    • Are you sensitive to fragrances? Try the Unscented
    • Love a nuttier scent? Definitely get our Almond.
    • Are you into that earthy aroma? We've got it -- Patchouli
    • Like a more vibrant, fruity scent? Citrus it is! 
    • Would you rather be enveloped with the essence of Lavender? We've got that too!

    For now, you'll have to come see, feel and experience it at one or both of our French Market appearances this coming weekend in Wheaton and Geneva, Illinois. 

    Check out our Facebook page for more info on times and locations: http://www.facebook.com/SomewhatOrganic

    We can't WAIT to get this newest product in our online store! Be assured that we'll let you know when it's available.

  • Our Commitment to Precycling

    When you shop at Somewhat Organic, you're making a choice. 

    You're making a choice to be conscious about what you are putting on your skin. You're making a choice to support a local business. You're making a choice to support precycling. And...you're making a choice for the environment

    You're likely more familiar with the term recycling than precycling. 

    You probably hear about recycling on a daily basis in our society, and likely participate in it every day. Some of us even take great care to contribute as much of it from our home as possible. 

    We rinse out the milk cartons, soup cans, and sauce jars and add certain papers in order to separate recyclable items from our trash. In some areas of the country, we even have to painstakingly isolate the glass, plastic and metal from each other and place these into additional bins in order to have it picked up at our homes. 

    We're with you. We do our share of recycling and wholeheartedly participate in doing what we can to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills. 

    However, recyling requires a tremendous amount of energy and a long process to become a reusable item. The recycling process also doesn't guarantee a no-waste product. You can read about recycling in more detail here: http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0934633.html

    Precycling, on the other hand, avoids the use of items that will become waste--thereby, using less materials in the beginning. As a result, less product needs to be recycled or end up as waste.

    Another form of precycling is taking an unused surplus item and re-purposing it BEFORE it is sent to a landfill.

    By reducing the amount of product needing recycling, the potential issues, amount of energy and additional waste can be avoided. 

    So you see... using organic products is not only good for YOU and your BODY, but by utilizing organic products in precycled packaging from Somewhat Organic, you're also making a good choice for the environment.

    Now...don't you feel educated? :) Have a great, somewhat organic day!