The Benefits of Choosing Organic Soap

We spend a lot of time thinking about ways to keep ourselves healthy and away from harmful chemicals. We filter our water and our air. We read food labels and ask about sourcing. However, while we look for ways to minimize our exposure to toxins that go into our bodies, we frequently forget to consider what goes on our bodies. Body care products can be a source of a heavy toxic load. On the other hand, organic soap and other body care products provide nourishment and protection for our skin.

Natural Ingredients

Most readily available soaps are made with questionable chemicals, fragrances, and dyes. One of the wisest choices you can make for your health (and the planet!) is to treat skincare products like you would food: always read the label. If the ingredients in your soap aren’t things you’ve heard of before, it’s worth doing your research and finding out where they actually come from. Making the switch to organic soap is a great way to ensure that the products you use on your skin are helping you thrive.

Better for Your Skin

It’s easy to forget that our skin is our largest organ. In fact, it functions as our first line of defense against disease and harmful chemicals. Synthetic chemical ingredients found in commercial soaps, like parabens, sulfates, and manufactured fragrances, are irritating and drying. It is not unusual for them to cause negative reactions. The longer and more frequent the exposure to an irritant, the more likely it will become a problem. Switching to organic soap, which is typically free of harsh chemicals and contains many natural moisturizers, can soothe your skin and reduce or prevent problems with dryness and irritation.

Better for the Environment

Organic soaps use cruelty-free ingredients, meaning they were not tested on animals. Also, the ingredients are grown without pesticides or herbicides, which add toxins to the soil, air, and water supply. Due to its natural ingredients, organic soap is far more biodegradable and won’t leave traces of synthetic chemicals behind- not on your skin, not in your home, and not in the water you use to rinse it away.

At Somewhat Organic Soap Co, we purchase our sunflower and safflower oils from certified organic growers in the USA. These farmers are dedicated to sustainability in accordance with USDA Organic standards. We only purchase our certified palm oil from South American farms with high levels of sustainability. We make a point to not purchase any palm oil out of Southeast Asia or Indonesia where palm plantations have been expanded too rapidly, at the expense of the environment.

Choosing to purchase and use organic soap and other body products is not only the wise choice for your skin. It is also the responsible, mindful choice for the earth. If you would like to learn about the soapmaking process we use at Somewhat Organic, you can read more here.