Who We Are...

Neil and Kathie are friends who love to create and get their hands dirty by helping people live a healthier lifestyle and be kind to the Earth. Providing healthy and green products to concerned consumers like you allows for shopping with more confidence and good conscience. We believe that what goes ON the body goes IN the body. 

We want to be honest about what we produce, and being 100% organic is not entirely possible. We say this because the soap making process includes lye, a non-organic ingredient, making it impossible for soap products to be completely organic. Hence our name, Somewhat Organic!

Somewhat Organic has done its homework!
We believe in protecting people, animals, and the planet.

Let’s keep our planet GREEN

We manufacture handmade soaps using the cold process by choosing ingredients that meet strict criteria being as close to nature and as minimally produced as possible. We use minimal packaging used from recycled materials, and count on our concerned consumers to reuse, recycle, or compost the packaging when no longer needed.