Sweet Orange Lip Balm


Our balms are made with a combination of nutrient-rich organic oils like sunflower, avocado, sweet Almond and olive oil that will work wonders on restoring moisture to dry, dull lips. At the same time, Shea butter works to moisturize, cocoa butter softens and coconut oil soothes. 

Clove Bud essential oil has a rich, warm, sweet and spicy aroma and mixing that with the citrusy sweet orange essential oil will soothe, smooth & totally improve your tender & thirsty dry lips.

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Regina 1st Apr 2019

The Best

Simply the best Lip Gloss I've ever tried. I am a lip gloss person, 40 years experience. Tried many brands but this is the one I must have. So soothing, smooth, luxurious, with subtle taste. Love sweet orange.

29th Oct 2017

THE best lip balm ever

Found this at a trade show and picked one up to try, 4 years later I am still ordering this product online.no lip balm is as smooth and soothing to the lips. The sweet orange scent is unique to Somewhat Organic, so resfreshing. Love this product!

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