The Interesting--yet accidental--History of a Soap Brand

Okay. Everyone has heard of Colgate right? Most of us probably associate this brand with toothpaste. I know I do.

Did you know, however, that William Colgate established the first big American soap company in 1806? William Proctor and James Gamble then came into the picture when an employee "accidentally" left on the soap-mixing machine while at lunch. By doing this, he unknowingly beat extra air into the batch. This extra air caused that soap batch to float! 

Indulge your curiosity with the rest of this history, and the naming of IVORY, by reading more on our website here:

Why am I telling you all this? 

Well, it seems that we are so busy with our lives, jobs, kids, church, charity, etc.....that we blindly buy anything that is on sale to save money and add convenience. We're running to and fro at all minutes of the day. Even shopping for necessities is a nuisance!

If we could carve out just a few "me" moments to educate ourselves and look into the history of how our cleaning and body products came to be--especially during the industrial revolution--I guarantee we would make some major changes in our spending habits. Hey, we have Google now! There's really no excuse! :)

Yes, organic items cost more. Yes, it will possibly make a hit to your budget. But what does your frugality in these areas do? 

We are allowing potentially toxic chemicals and additives to enter our bodies. Over time, these build up in our system. Are there really any proven studies that these things are damaging us little by little, over time? Probably so. Are we just ignoring them? Or is our American economy hiding it somehow? Hmmmm...just something to think about. 

Why does it seem that we hear more about more friends and family with cancer, or fibromyalgia, or gluten-intolerance, or ...well, you know the list goes on and on, right? 

We trust the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to approve stuff that is safe for us, but is it really? I mean things have been retracted before. And why are things okay here, but not in other countries. Are we blinded? Or just too busy to care?

Just giving you a little something to think about this Wednesday. 

We're on our own expedition to making changes little by little. Each day we are trying to make better choices and educate our selves. Will you join us on this journey?