Plant-based Pigmentation versus Synthetic Colors in Soaps

Do you really know what goes into all the colors used in our skin care products? I know we're all attracted to "pretty" colors, but when you really start looking at the ingredients in the products you use, it can be quite eye-opening. When we started doing this research, we were highly surprised at the chemicals we were exposing our bodies to.

Most artificial dyes are derived from petroleum products, acetone or coal tar and are intended to last for years. This is one of the reasons manufacturers use them...for longer shelf life. Petroleum clogs the pores and coal tar is a known carcinogen in large quantities. Most manufacturers argue that use in their products is so small that it doesn't post a threat. But exposure over several years? We really just don't know the long term risk.

Consequently, synthetic dyes are less expensive and more vibrant than natural colorants. But did you know it takes up to 25 synthetic chemicals to create one artificial dye?!

If you can't even pronounce some of the words on the packaging of your soap, there's a high chance it's not good for you!

Somewhat Organic soaps contains NONE of these synthetic pigments or dyes. Our coloration comes from plant-based materials such as parsley, annatto seed, sage, juniper ­berries or lavender to name a few.

Educate yourself. What can it hurt?