Our essential oils ... behind the scenes!

If you've been around Somewhat Organic for any length of time (or you are a new customer...welcome!), you know that we ONLY use essential oils purchased from certified organic growers. You can also read more about our process here!

From time to time, we like to experiment in making our own infused oils. Now don't get confused. We do it just like the certified places...we just like to do it ourselves! 

For example, we recently did our own infusing of organic calendula and organic sunflower oil. It was a success! 

Calendula herbs and flowers (marigold family) have been used for centuries for ailments such as disinfecting minor wounds and to treat infections of the skin. Calendula also has many antibacterial and immuno-stimulant properties which make it extremely useful in treating slow-healing cuts because the herb stimulates the production of collagen at wound sites and minimizes scarring. 

Calendula also has an amazing ability to brighten skin and protect it from blemishing. All the more reason you should be using ours for your skin care!

We love it when we can help you and your skin issues along with educating you about the whys and hows!

How about trying the calendula soap this month? 

And also, let us know what you think! We LOVE hearing from our customers!