Our Commitment to Precycling

When you shop at Somewhat Organic, you're making a choice. 

You're making a choice to be conscious about what you are putting on your skin. You're making a choice to support a local business. You're making a choice to support precycling. And...you're making a choice for the environment

You're likely more familiar with the term recycling than precycling. 

You probably hear about recycling on a daily basis in our society, and likely participate in it every day. Some of us even take great care to contribute as much of it from our home as possible. 

We rinse out the milk cartons, soup cans, and sauce jars and add certain papers in order to separate recyclable items from our trash. In some areas of the country, we even have to painstakingly isolate the glass, plastic and metal from each other and place these into additional bins in order to have it picked up at our homes. 

We're with you. We do our share of recycling and wholeheartedly participate in doing what we can to reduce the amount of trash in our landfills. 

However, recyling requires a tremendous amount of energy and a long process to become a reusable item. The recycling process also doesn't guarantee a no-waste product. You can read about recycling in more detail here: http://www.factmonster.com/ipka/A0934633.html

Precycling, on the other hand, avoids the use of items that will become waste--thereby, using less materials in the beginning. As a result, less product needs to be recycled or end up as waste.

Another form of precycling is taking an unused surplus item and re-purposing it BEFORE it is sent to a landfill.

By reducing the amount of product needing recycling, the potential issues, amount of energy and additional waste can be avoided. 

So you see... using organic products is not only good for YOU and your BODY, but by utilizing organic products in precycled packaging from Somewhat Organic, you're also making a good choice for the environment.

Now...don't you feel educated? :) Have a great, somewhat organic day!