Our appearances at the local French Markets!

The only downside to being in the 21st century and having a website with our particular product is that you can't smell and feel the essence of what we offer. Because I tell you what...it definitely makes a profound difference!

When you can smell the fragrances of our soaps and let the aromatherapy envelop you, it's like a whole new world opens up! (That may be a little dramatic, but...)

This is the reason we are also in local retail locations and boutiques (like The Little Traveler and Shoppes at 127 in Geneva ) along with featuring our products at two of the local area French Markets. You can visit us over the spring and summer in Wheaton and Geneva. We'll have samples of our shea butter lotions and balms so you can FEEL the difference an organic product makes on your skin.

Our beloved Kathie will show you our array of soaps, lotions, bath salts and balms, etc. and give you a soothing and relaxing hand massage for FREE! How can you beat that?

Also, we typically run specials when we're out and about that you can't get here online. We also have a BRAND NEW PRODUCT that we like to call "Butter Sticks". Of course it's not really butter, but it's as smooth as butter on your skin. And who isn't struggling with dry skin after this horrid Midwest winter?!

Opening date for the Wheaton French Market is April 18th from 8am-2pm -->THIS SATURDAY!!! The French Market Geneva opens the following Saturday, April 26th. You can get more detailed information regarding other vendors, etc. on their Facebook pages by clicking the links above. 

And hey...have you liked OUR Facebook page yet? Do us a big favor and click here-->  http://Facebook.com/SomewhatOrganic and LIKE us if you haven't already! Sometimes dates or things change, or we have new products to announce, so keep up with us there! Plus, we're pretty darn funny sometimes!

Another plus? Sometimes we're sneaky and have Facebook only contests or discount codes! 

We really hope to see you at one or both of the upcoming French Markets as we LOVE meeting our customers face-to-face. Please stop by and say HI!