Black-Charcoal Soap- 4 oz Bar


This soap is a combination of the ingredients found in traditional African Black soap with the addition of Charcoal. Our soap contains plantain husk which has antibacterial properties that may help treat acne breakouts and the charcoal will remove toxins and act as a magnet to help clean out your pores. Shea Butter and Aloe help keep your skin moist.

85% organic 4 oz bar Detoxifying

Because the soap-making process uses lye, an non-organic ingredient, it's impossible for any soap product to be 100% organic.

At least we are not lying to you about the lye!

Ingredients: Saponified oils (safflower, sunflower, palm and/or coconut) with retained glycerin, sodium hydroxide (lye) Organic cocoa powder, Organic Shea Butter, Organic plantain leaf powder, charcoal powder, Organic essential oils of clove bud, cassia, and vanilla, Aloe powder and rosemary extract.


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2 Reviews

Bernadine 5th Dec 2020

Charcoal soap

Found this at Little Traveler in Illinois. Love the scent! So refreshing! And it makes my skin feel soft and smooth. Glad to now have convenience of ordering on their website. Fast and personal service. Try it and see.

paula buhrdorf 16th Aug 2018

Love love love this soap!

Suds-check. Scent-check. Excellent product by a great company-check!

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