Nylon Mesh Soap Saver - Blue


This item has to be one of our favorites. Made from the same material as the mesh sponges that everyone loves, it is basically a tube made from multiple layers of mesh. One end is permanently closed and the other end has a cord and a spring-loaded stopper that allows it to be opened and closed. Just put your soap in, close the top by pulling the cord, and you are ready to go. The net mesh is wonderful for exfoliating action and when you are done showering, you can simply hang it up to dry with the soap still in it letting you save every ounce!

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5th May 2013

Love this

This acts just like one of those sponges you see everywhere, except the soap stays inside it and it has very handy draw string on one end. It's exfoliates, helps the soap lather easily, and seems to make the soap last longer as well. Very please with this!

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