Somewhat Organic Soap Company is committed to using only the highest quality, natural and organic ingredients in our products. 

We strive to be as “green” and earth friendly as possible which is why we participate in both precycling and recycling. 
Precycling takes place BEFORE an item is deemed “waste” and means taking an unused surplus item and re-purposing it BEFORE it is sent to a landfill.
The values of precycling are to:
  • cut down on the amount of items being sent to landfills
  • decrease the drain on natural resources, and
  • reduce corporate waste.
Recycling takes place AFTER an item is deemed “waste” and means taking a used item and processing it into a new product. 
The values of recycling are:
  • reduce waste of useful materials and consumption of fresh raw material which help conserve earth’s limited resources,
  • reduce air & water pollution and energy usage from landfill processing
  • helps us be more energy efficient, creates jobs, builds strong communities, and a strong economy.